Did you buy your house with ‘Help to Buy’?

Are you looking to sell?

Did you know?

If you purchased your home using the government ‘Help to Buy’ scheme you will need an independent RICS valuation when you come to sell.  This is not any old valuation from an estate agent, it has to meet a certain set of criteria set by the RICS and the government ‘Help to Buy’ scheme.

We carry out several of these valuations every week and know exactly what needs to be included in order for you to comply with the terms of your ‘Help to Buy’ agreement.

  • The Valuer must be registered with the recognised qualification of RICS ✓
  • The Valuer must be independent to an estate agent ✓
  • The report must be on headed paper, signed by the RICS surveyor ✓
  • The Valuer must provide at least 3 comparable properties and sale prices ✓
  • The comparables provided must be like for like in terms of property type, size, and age and within a 2 mile radius to the property that is being inspected ✓
  • The Valuer must not be related or known to you ✓
  • The Valuer must inspect the interior of the property and provide a full valuation report ✓
  • Valuations carried out for bank or mortgage purposes are not acceptable ✓

These are just some of the requirements for this type of valuation.  For more information visit the government help to buy website.

If you would like to book a valuation, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch.

Prices start from £175+ VAT