The RICS Home Survey - Level 3

Formerly called a Building Survey or Structural Survey, the RICS Home Survey – Level 3 explains the practical implications of the property you are looking to buy and comments on whether the defects found are typical of the style, age, and construction of the building. The RICS Home Survey – Level 3 is usually appropriate for older buildings or properties built using unconventional methods.  It may also be appropriate if the property has been altered or if you are planning structural alterations.

It is always important to bear in mind that no property is entirely without defect, especially those of some age or built in an older style. That is why our Building Surveys are carried out by experienced Chartered Building Surveyors who have an intricate knowledge of construction and properties in the area, so we can report effectively without causing unnecessary alarm. This comprehensive inspection and report is essential for anyone who is looking to buy and can prove priceless in the context of the financial commitment you are about to make.

At a glance, the RICS Home Survey – Level 3 includes:

  • A thorough inspection and detailed report on a wider range of issues than The RICS Home Survey – Level 2
  • The survey examines each visible element and advises the purchaser on its condition and any repairs that are needed
  • Advice for your legal advisers and details of serious risks and dangerous conditions

The RICS Home Survey – Level 3 does not automatically include a market valuation but this can be provided as an additional service.

The cost of the RICS Home Survey – Level 3 is dependent on the size, age and location of the property.

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